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IJERAT - Vol 3 Issue 9, Sep-2017

Pages: 1-7

Medical Image Compression using Hybrid Technique of Wavelet Transformation and Seed Selective Predictive Method

Author: Dr. Ghadah Al-Khafaji , Noor I.Ghanim

Category: Computer Science & Engineering

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In this paper, a a hybrid coding system of lossless and lossy base is introduced for compressing medical images, where the slected seed predictive coding of approximation subband, and the detail subbands of hierarical scheme of wavelet transform exploited, respectively. The test results indicate that the suggested method can lead to promising performance using various thresholding values and extended schem.

Keywords: Image compression, selected seed, wavelet transform of thresholding base and hierarchal model

DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2017.3110