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IJERAT - Vol 3 Issue 8 , Aug-2017

Pages: 1-10

Durability of Partially mixed GGBS concrete exposed to  acid and base attack

Author: Nandini S, R Srinivas Raju, Dr. V Ramesh

Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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This thesis investigates the effects of aggressive Hydrochloric acid attack and sodium sulfate attack on the concrete mixtures prepared by partial replacement of cement with Ground granulated blast furnace slag GGBS  at 20%, 35% and 50%  replacement levels. The Hydrochloric acid solutions and sodium sulfate solutions with concentrations of 3% were used for examining behaviour of concrete for a total exposure period of 3days, 7days and 28 days. The performance of the degraded specimens was evaluated by measuring  change in compressive strenght, tensile strength,  flexural strength and visual assessment. The mixtures with ternary binders of OPC and GGBS experienced the lowest strength loss after exposure to high concentrations of Hydrochloric acid attack and sodium sulfate attack.

Keywords: Acid attack , Compressive strength , Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), Sulphate attack.