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IJERAT - Vol 3 Issue 7, Jul-2017

Pages: 1-16

An Experimental Investigation on NOx Emission Reduction and Performance Evaluation of CI Engine using EGR System

Author: Mr. M. Ravi Kumar, Dr.Ratnakar

Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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Internal combustion engines are established as the main power source for the automobile vehicles. At present emission norms became strict for any IC engine. The main pollutants are  HC, CO,  NOx, Particulate Matter, Soot, etc. out of which NOx is of the most harmful component.  It is possible to limit the negative effect of the NOx on the environment by using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

The earlier research work on the EGR system by several researchers revealed that NOx emission from tail pipe of homogeneous charged engine is reduced. Because, EGR system lowers the oxygen concentration inside the combustion chamber. It is also found that EGR system increases intake charge temperature, decreases peak cylinder temperature and decreases the air fuel ratio.

The aim of the proposed project work is to investigate experimentally the effect of rate of EGR on NOX emission reduction and performance at different loads. A single cylinder, direct injection, compression ignition engine has been selected for investigation, arrangement for EGR system and loading have been made by the project investigation. The research work has been carried out at IC Engines Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, JNTUA College of engineering (Autonomous), Anantapuramu. The experiments obtained have been presented in the project and an analysis of it has been carried out. The results obtained have been presented in the project work.

Keywords: SingleCylinder I/C Engine, Direct Injection , Compression Ignition, Exhaust Gas Recirculation(EGR)

DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2017.32475