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IJERAT - Vol 2 Issue 9, Sep-2016

Pages: 6-10


Author: Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman

Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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It is found that the manufacturing processes are responsible of many defects which may arise in fibers, matrix and lamina. These defects, if they exist include misalignment of fibers, cracks in matrix,  non  –  uniform  distribution  of  the  fibers  in  the  matrix,  voids  in  fibers  and  matrix, delaminated regions, and initial stress in the lamina as a result of its manufacture and further treatment.

The  above  mentioned  defects  tend  to  propagate  as  the  lamina  is  loaded  causing  an accelerated rate of failure. The experimental and theoretical results in this case tend to differ. Hence, due to the limitations necessary in the idealization of the lamina components, the properties estimated should be proved experimentally.

Keywords: Composite laminates, imperfections, delamination, fiber, matrix.